For the longest time, people have designed their houses by themselves. We all go out shopping, buy beautiful décor elements for our places and try and design our houses the best way we can. As beautiful as you may be at this, hiring an interior designer makes the job easier and faster.

When we get sick, we go to a doctor; when we need to get our cars serviced, we go to the service center; when we need a haircut we go to the salon; for all our little and big needs, we head to the respective service providers and it’s the right time for us to start heading to our Interior Designers when we need interior services/consultancy.

Living through the pandemic, many people realized that their home needs to be a warm welcoming space, as well as functional. While we may love a cozy couch, now we also need a workstation and an environment that encourages us to work and concentrate.

What does an Interior Designer do?

Interior designers basically do everything. They make your dream house come to reality once you express your requirements.

Source: Pinterest
  • An Interior Designer designs your house as a whole. The entire space has a story to tell, and all elements are interlinked to one another.
  • She/he looks at the bigger picture. All the things you could miss- small or big, are completely taken care of.
  • Handling the design, colours, materials, furniture, furnishings, finishes- all are done through a one step solution without you needing to run to vendors every now and then by the Interior Designer.
  • Interior designers take charge of the execution and site supervision at all times. You don’t need to worry about things going wrong, because someone out there is looking out for you!

And the biggest highlight of hiring an interior designer is that you get the best rates and the best materials.

The list of things that need to be taken care of in any space is endless. There is flooring, false ceiling, wall finishes, panelling, furniture, electrical and plumbing work and so on. Remembering where you might need a charging socket or where those perfectly cozy lights need to be can sometimes be tricky, but while working with an interior designer, you don’t need to worry about any of the technical details.

Things that will help you along the way

If you are scared that your dreams might not get translated the way you want them to, here’s a list of things that keep you posted along the entire journey.

Mood Boards

These help you understand the direction of the design and the look and feel of the house, before any of the design starts turning into reality. They help you look at what direction you might want to go in.

Material Board

Along with the mood and colour, throughout the process, you will also look at all the materials that will be used in your space. This will further help you imagine how your space will look once it’s done!

2D Drawings

Plans and elevations of all the spaces are shared, and discussed before the actual constructions starts. Therefore, you are completely aware of how things will look, and you understand your space better.

3D Renders

If you are still confused about how your finished space will look like, here’s the final step which makes it even easier- 3D renders and pre-designed images of your space. These give you a very clear idea of what your space will look like.

Interiors are an important element of our life, they influence our habits, moods and even how we function. The right interiors of your space can completely transform the way you feel and live.

The easiest and most efficient way to do it is by hiring a professional Interior Designer.

And if you still have doubts about hiring an Interior designer, do consider consulting them for a better plan that you can follow yourself.

Whether you do it all by yourself or hire professionals to do the job, we still hope that your dream space become your reality and you live the best life that you deserve.

Although you do know, an Interior Designer will add a little bit of extra sparkle into that beautiful dream of yours 🙂

Happy Designing!

*Images are sourced from pinterest.

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